Rostro del amor

The face of love

“Rostro del amor” recovers certain directions that had previously been marked by “Black Mirror” at least in certain stylistic approaches (from the reinterpretative idea of portrait and short shot), but the framing avoids the full face, uses colour and a flash illumination that refers to the reportaje in glossy magazines. The faces belong to a collection of reproductions of heads and torsos in wax of Hollywood actors: they are portraits of the smile and the expression of mouth and lips, framed in the adornment of earrings and necklaces in the women, while in the men they appear naked of all adornment. They are the models of social success, of the triumph of beauty and glamour, which have been catapulted on a planetary scale through the cinema screens. Their faces are models of expression and experiences, because they embody the characters that make people live. These metaphorical characters offer to the anonymous, dark and forgotten existences by all, the reflection of their own dramas. In the mythology of Hollywood actors, the stories of the characters they incarnate on celluloid are intertwined with the vicissitudes of their private lives, which are transformed over time and into the unconscious collective memory in another film, even more important for the myth and idea of model that their people play in the social imaginary. It is not necessary for them to look: all the power of seduction is in the mouths, in the profiled lips, in the perfect and sparkling dentures: it is precisely those same ones that speak (for all those who see them and dream them) of love declare themselves, whisper, moan, shout, show the tearing of tears in grimaces that disfigure, kiss … They are, indeed, the face that adopts love in the stereotyped desire for cinema, but they have also been faces constructed and conceived to evoke and awaken love, through subtle promotional campaigns, through their careful presentation in the media.
But from the images of Valentin Vallhonrat the faces of the Hollywood past also show the decrepitude and falsity of the model.