Cristal Oscuro

“Cristal Oscuro” ( 1992- 1995 ) is developed as a process of introspection in the loopholes that are established between reality, models and representation of the expressions of passions. Cristal oscuro is a great repertoire of codes, codifications and interpretations of the symptoms that allow the passions and inner emotions to shine through, between intimacy and the social and public.

“Cristal Oscuro” series is a gallery of faces, of portraits of very diverse and varied representations, from the monkeys of the science museum to current fashion mannequins; from faces of dolls that are in the market directed for a child public, from girls to old models of hairdressing salon of the 40s; from anatomical figures or wax molds to sculptures of the steps of Holy Week of Salzillo in Murcia.

The frames recover both the photographic and pictorial traditions and are resolved in close-ups in which fiction and reality are again confused in their own symbolic load. In one of the faces we recognize the ambiguous expression of the man between the extreme pleasure and the extreme pain that disturbs the vision until its own limits. In another in which we identify a girl (it is actually a doll), her expression transports to a world of deep sadness beyond all melancholy, evoking in a certain sense the fictional mode of cinematographic horror stories.