March 2019

In "Sueño de animal" Valentin Vallhonrat develops a first essay on understanding the symbolic and ideal systematization of wild nature

"Cristal Oscuro" develops as a process of introspection in the loopholes that are established between reality, models and representation of

The photographic gaze constructs an image of reality from the analysis of its fragments. It is a gaze that concentrates

The face of love recovers certain directions that had previously been marked by "Dark Crystal" at least in certain approaches

"Ornamental Photography" consists, apparently, of an extensive series of photographs of warplanes, more specifically of

Escenas de Caza is a photographic essay about beauty and its duration. Developed in photography and video. Collect the scenes

Series of camouflages that closes the cycle Ornamental Photography-Documentary Photography. Inspired by the military camouflages and the series of

Before dawn sunlight does not show most of its color spectrum. The yellow and magenta are not yet present, there

Series realized in hotels of Japan and the United States of America that deepens on the stereotypes of the amorous